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艾伦镇 Central Catholic High School has earned a place in the Lehigh Valley as an outstanding academic institution through nine decades of quality service to education. Our curriculum is exclusively College Prep and is driven by vigorous Advanced Placement and Honors Programs. SAT results consistently lead those throughout the Diocese and surrounding communities, 其他成绩和熟练程度测试也一样. ACCHS已经获得了几个国家蓝带认可. 优异的成绩、社区服务和成就在ACCHS是“酷”的. 结果不言自明, 99%的毕业生进入了全国各地的大专院校. 


我们的教师, 导师, and offer many hours of uncompensated time to the students whom they love; our students respond in kind. 教师是由家长支持的, 政府, and alumni who use the data of modern research and technology; and who tirelessly challenge students to p艺术nership in learning and growing. 除了, 这所学校在音乐方面得到了家长协会的支持, 艺术, 全球十大外围足球平台排行等等. 由于ACCHS的价值观和传统,我们的社区对它有着真正的热爱.


ACCHS的学生群体反映了不同的文化遗产, 这给我们带来了在多样性中可能实现的统一的第一手经验, 鼓励尊重和欣赏文化多元化. 通过与教师和学生的人际关系, 个人可以实现自己作为自由人的尊严, 负责任的, 他是上帝宝贵的孩子,也是一个多产的人, 有爱心的社会成员. 这样的学习环境会加强学生的感知能力, 分析, 选择, 为了生存, 都充满了神的恩典和爱.


我们的学生都是青少年, 年轻人努力组成一个社区, 敢于挑战当今世界的价值观, attempting to make mature decisions; opting for Christian values and lifestyles. Our job is to nurture the seeds of faith you have already planted in the he艺术s and minds of your sons and daughters. 因此, 我们鼓励学生参加圣餐, 发现祷告的力量,敞开心扉,更多地认识神, 自己, 他们周围的人, 和全球人民以及他们对每个人的责任. The success of our combined efforts can best be measured by the actions of our students and their families, 我们的教职员工和管理人员, 以及这些群体之间的相互作用. 


通过对不同类型文学的研究, students will gain knowledge and understanding of the various time periods and cultures. 我们的英语系致力于培养终身学习者, 提高自尊, 促进创造力, 提高写作和语法能力. Teachers of English recognize the worth of every learner and challenge all students with meaningful activities. The students will build a foundation for college and career readiness while demonstrating the ability to respond to text in writing by employing personal experiences and critical analysis. 学生将通过开发内容获得以各种模式写作的能力, 采用特定形式, 选择适合特定受众和目的的语言. Students will learn how to control language by applying the conventions of standard English in writing, 演讲及广播新闻学, 在评估内容时, 组织, 以及文本的语言使用.



Effective person to person interaction encompasses linguistic and social knowledge – two components of the world language classroom.

The contemporary organizing principle for world language study is communication; grammar and vocabulary are tools in acquiring the skill to communicate effectively with native speakers in other languages. 通过学习其他语言, students gain a knowledge and understanding of cultures in which the language is spoken. 通过比较和对比所学习的语言, students come to realize that there are multiple ways of viewing the world – a necessary and critical skill in the global world of the 21st century. 语言和交流是人类经历的核心. The goal of today’s foreign language classroom is language acquisition for communication in meaningful and appropriate ways with speakers of other languages. 提供的语言:法语、德语、拉丁语和西班牙语.


We deliver a comprehensive as well as the applicable foundation of mathematics skills for students in order to prepare them for any of the different postsecondary directions they may choose. We provide a strong and broad curriculum ranging from Basic Algebra to both AP Calculus and Calculus BC. While we will continue to teach basic math concepts and skills that have been p艺术 of our curriculum for years, we recognize the need to be aware of the latest trends in mathematics education and implement the most effective ones. An emphasis on a multi-representational approach to functions is made in all of our classes, 同时也强调了小组合作和动手解决问题的重要性. In keeping with our commitment to the school-wide initiative of improving the technical skills of our students, we include level-appropriate activities that involve graphing calculators and statistical software. 我们的目标是提高批判性思维, 解决问题, 以及每位学生的沟通技巧.



In order to prepare our students for a world that is increasingly centered on 信息rmation and technology, ACCHS提供了一个坚实的科学项目,既灵活又多样化. 除了 to the three core science courses of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, we offer Anatomy & 生理学, 工程, and Environmental Science; all of which incorporate cutting-edge, 更新课程. 通过对计算机实验室的利用, 智能板和其他新技术, 我们的科学课程侧重于解决问题和现实问题. We are also looking beyond tomorrow to ensure that as new 信息rmation and technology become available, we continue to involve our students in the ever-changing world of Science and Science related careers.



Our Social Studies program is comprised of experienced faculty who guide students to develop critical analysis skills to understand the history of our nation and the world, 他们鼓励学生积极参与塑造未来. 学习领域包括世界历史, 美国历史上, 现代美国, 政府与经济, 心理学, 刑事司法与现代社会历史. We also offer a career exploration internship for Seniors only that provides qualifying students in-depth learning outside of the classroom.


Information Technology offers courses that engage students in the fields of computer and human interaction, 软件应用程序, 视频制作. ACCHS recognizes the importance of providing opportunities in emerging technologies and seeks to deliver opportunities for our students interested in a wide range of technology fields of study. 课程学习包括会计,comptia,个人理财和企业家精神.


我们的美术课程包括传统艺术基础课程和新闻学 & 出版及视频制作. Students become familiar with different 艺术 media by completing assignments in drawing, 绘画, 和雕塑. 艺术史和艺术词汇贯穿整个课程. The Journalism/Publishing class enables students to p艺术icipate in the development of the school yearbook as well as develop writing, 研究和博客技能. 音乐会乐队是为新的或熟练的音乐家准备的.

体育课 & 健康

健康的使命 & Physical Education Dep艺术ment is to equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to allow them to achieve their God-given potential – physically, 精神上, 社会上和精神上.  我们的目标是让全球十大外围足球平台成熟, 成年的基督徒会做出明智的决定,反映他们的天主教信仰.



ACCHS的辅修课程旨在满足学生广泛的能力, 利益, 和职业目标,旨在挑战学生的各个能力水平. 课程达到或超过了艾伦镇教区的要求. Each student may select from a variety of electives that are offered at each grade level. Our Minor Courses are offered with the content and method of instruction tailored to each student’s post-secondary/career intentions. 研究领域包括隔壁圣徒, 电影的历史, 创意写作, 文学与体育, 辩论/公共演讲, 钢琴, 多文化工艺品, 剪贴簿, 摄影, 及体育.